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BACH Complete Organ Works

With the release of the 10th album, the series BACH Complete Organ Works PIETER VAN DIJK reaches its completion! We proudly present you not only the final album, but also the complete box, consisting of 21 CDs, good for more than 28 hours of music.
The number 21 has great symbolic value, which is very appropriate for Bach, whose music is full of number symbolism. 21 is 3 times 7, both numbers that indicate unity and fullness and can often be found in Bach’s music. Moreover, 2 plus 1 also equals 3. And let’s not forget that the great master was born on the 21st of the 3rd month in 1685.
This makes it the most complete Bach organ works ever, including the early versions of the Leipziger Choräle and Die Kunst der Fuge. That makes this box unique in many ways!

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Videos of which the audio (music only) is done by DMP-records.

Trailer album Dialogue – Buxtehude & Bach – Kathryn Cok – Dorpskerk, Rhoon – Mei 2022

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Album art

For several musicians I didn’t take care of the musical recording only, but also the album art. Via the images you go to this gallery.


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